Image of Boutonniere

From traditional to wild and woodsy we offer bouts for any occasion. Poppy pods, alder cones, roses, and ranunculus are some of our favorite ingredients to use. Delivery is not available for bouts. We recommend picking up bouts the day they will be worn, but depending on ingredients most will be fine for a day or so if kept cool or refrigerated. Please order a minimum of 3 days in advance.


# 1 Crush Bottle Shop at O'Malley located at 10950 O'Malley Center Drive. Pick up hours 12-7

#2 La Bodega located at 530 E. Benson Blvd. Pick up hours of 12-7

After placing your order you will receive a confirmation email. Please respond to this email with the following information:
1. The date and approximate time you will be picking up your order. Available for pick up on Fridays.
2. The colors you would you like to see in the bout.
3. The color you would like the stems wrapped in for example blue satin or brown jute twine.
4. The color the bout will be pinned on for example a black jacket or blue shirt.
5. Your contact phone number.
6. Optional - A photo or two of other bouts for inspiration.